menyirap doe dgn prangai kau

pesal lhaa kau buad aq mcm nie kan
tape la
lpas nie aq ta amek port psal prempuan
nk jadi ape jadi lhaa
saked aty la pulak bile kau buad aq mcm nie
mmber aq pon bole tahan jgak
SAKED doe hati
tape aq blaja dri kesilapan niee
aq steady
arghhhhhh aq tension~
They say your attitide determines your latitude
I'm high as a motherfucker, fly as a motherfucker
And still the motherfucker you love to hate
But can't - because you love what I make
Now ain't that about a bitch
I'mma talk shit until I'm out of hits
They don't wanna turn they sneakers up they claim I ain't deep enough
All that talking I keep off of, keep it up
I'm relaxin', my feet is up
I'm leaving you haters like when Shaq left the Lakers just to Heat it up
I state the stats to stunt, I don't need to front
There black history every day, I don't need a month
The survey says - by the streets accordin'
Kanye's just as important as Michael Jordan
Was to the NBA when he was scorin'
Ralph Lauren was borin' before I wore him and...

Hi! Something's not right, I'm sorry, I'm mentally retarded
Slim shady, I think that's my name
Rucus Records, fuckin' crazy
You hear us? We're fuckin' crazy!
All of us
Hi, Bye
Night, something